Quality Forks When You Need Them

Only fully tested and approved materials are used in the manufacture of Cascade forks. Guaranteed materials together with fully controlled processes result in forks that meet or exceed all national and international standards (such as ISO2328 and ISO2330 and ANSI ITSDF B56.11.4) with regards to mounting details, load-, fatigue- and impact-tests.

Every Cascade fork is crack tested on all welds and in the critical heel area, while our global quality system offers full traceability throughout the entire production history of each fork manufactured, from raw material through to final inspection. Each fork is stamped with manufacturer’s identification, specified capacity and load centre, week of manufacture and production works order number. This traceability together with our strictly controlled processes, ensure that only forks of the highest quality reach our customers.

High-Quality Forks in the Design You Need
  • All forks manufactured from high grade certified materials.
  • All forks fully heat-treated, quenched & tempered to give minimum yield strength of 825 Mpa.
  • Welding processes certified in accordance with ISO 3834-2.
  • All forks meet or exceed the requirements of the national and international standards ISO 2328, ISO 2330, ISO 3691-1, ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 and ANSI/ITSDF B56.11.4.
  • All fork heels & welds subject to full MPI crack-testing by certificated operatives.
  • Material sections available up to 400×150 (75,000 kgs@1200 mm load centre per pair).
  • Special “timber-handling” sections available up to 460×50 (19,500 kgs@600 mm load centre per pair).
  • All special designs available, including: “off-set” forks; radiused and champhered blades; “peek-a-boo” backs for increased operator visibility, etc.